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Here are some examples of work I have done in the past.

Shipping was in need of back up power during power outages to get product out that was ready for delivery.
Product that was ready to go would be wasted if it sat on docks too long.
Offices and comunication needed to be up and running to keep sells going.
3 Backup Generators and auto transfer switches were required to make this work.
1 a 240/120 volt single phase generator would be use to keep front office and trukers lounge running.
2 a 480 volt 3 phase would be required to opperate 480 volt power rapid doors and dock restraints for trucks.
This would also require a 3 phase 208/120 transformer to power portable offices, printer equipment and lighting.
3 a 240/120 volt single phase generator would be use to keep power for comunication tower.
The first two Backup Generators used natural gas that was available near by.
The third Backup Generator was in a flood plain and had to be elevated and would need to run on propane.
Here are some pictures of these 3 Backup Generator in this project that I managed.

Generator backup 1 front office

Generator backup 2 truck docks and cold storage

Generator backup 3 comunication tower

Note this Project did not come as easy as it looks.
A lot of proposals were presented and a lot of restraints made it difficult.
I am please with the project and that we were able to place these generators the way we did.
Two of the Transfer switches had bad circuit breakers from the factory and that made things difficult for awhile.
Twin Electric figured it out and PTS Rentals was quick to respond and get the parts expedited.
A special Thanks goes out to all the in-house Grimmway Support, PTS Rentals and Twin Electric.